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Marketing Support

Our headquarters will provide you with the necessary information material in each country and support your sales by launching high-quality marketing campaigns or will provide you with your specifically market- tailored offers. We regularly participate at international fairs.

High-quality people

Our partners are provided with professional product trainings where they may learn all the information on the products, their uses and applications. High-quality people are just as important to us as a high-quality product, so you may count on our full support.

Quality brand

Helske Energy Save is an international brand that bet on research and development. It has its own development centre employing top scientists, and it also has its own production unit. We place emphasis on sustainability and harmony between nature preservation and technologies that improve people’s lives.

Quality product

We are proud of our products. We manufacture top-quality new generation building materials of specific features. We provide our customers with a real added value and help them resolving their various construction problems. In developing them, we are making use of the current knowledge in nanotechnologies, so we have managed to create a comprehensive system of internal wall treatment that saves a large amount of money starting with the construction stage, and on through reconstruction up to operating energy costs. In addition, our products create a healthful indoor atmosphere, restrain mould formation, eliminate thermal bridges, they are odourless and without volatile substances, and may be employed in any building material. All of this goes without negative environmental impacts.

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