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HELPSke is the corporate social responsibility initiative of the Helske Group, of which the goal is environmental protection and enhancement of quality of life. Helske Energy Save cares for a healthier, better and sustainable future and our new generation products underline our commitment to this.  But we want to do even more, and we know that important changes take time, and start with a “first small step”.  We focus our activities on the support of two major fields: environment and society.  Supported by our motto that accompanies our activities: “FOR A BETTER HOME WHEREVER YOU GO.

Let’s start with ourselves

Our planet inevitably needs us to reduce the carbon footprint, separate waste, avoid using plastics and focus on ways to save water. These activities play an essential role in providing a healthy environment that we can sustain for future generations, for our children.

It may look like a demanding task and we often feel that our responsible behaviour seems to have no effect. What change can one individual make if the behaviour of the crowd is irresponsible?  But really, it is the actions of that individual who can influence the masses and change things, to make them better by doing what seems to be the little things.

If you start with yourself and keep going, you can manage to do so much.  Your responsible actions will influence your surrounding community and they will start to behave as responsible as you. It so easy to spread the word and share the experience with others. In Helske Energy Save, we also do it in the same way.

HELPske is introducing you to its first project “Let’s start with ourselves”. It is a story about inspiring people of our team who have already started with themselves. They inspire their surrounding by what they do.  Our colleagues are already doing a lot for a healthier planet and support the company idea. Just by doing the little things.

Get to know their stories and inspire each other.


Helske Energy Save manufactures and distributes sustainable building materials with a primary focus on Energy Saving and building methods that enhance a healthy living environment.  Our manufacturing and production process is environmentally driven with the lowest impact on the environment and carbon footprint.  Through continuous innovation and research, we produce unique building materials using nanotechnology for a new generation of building materials, we strive to be pioneers for the environment and enhance people’s quality of living and wellbeing.

We are part of the Helske Group which operates internationally in the construction, healthcare and industrial sectors with 170 staff across 6 countries in Europe.

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