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When developing our products, we use the latest knowledge of nanotechnology, which has enabled us to create a comprehensive system of internal wall treatment that saves a large amount of money directly during construction, reconstruction, but also operating costs of energy. In addition, it creates a healthy indoor climate, reduces mold formation and thermal bridges. Products are odorless and volatile, and can be used in any space, on any building material. All this without any negative impact on the environment.


The main advantages and differences over other common type of plaster lie in a special production technology and patented composition, enriched with glass microspheres, partially filled with vacuum. It is an ecological, extremely light and harmless material with high vapor permeability, which immediately improves the thermal comfort in the room and creates a healthy indoor microclimate. Its thermal conductivity, as one of its essential properties, is 0,0396 W/mK, which is on the level of cork, cellulose or polystyrene insulation.

Thermal conductivity

Nano Coat Home has a very low thermal conductivity, which helps to reduce heating /air conditioning costs and brings energy savings.

Thermal conductivity of Nano Coat Home is declared in the following product certificates: Inspection report (1201/389/16) iBMB MPA  with the following results: declared thermal conductivity with solid brick base layer: Λ = 0,0396 W/mK

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Water vapor permeability

Due to the high vapor permeability, it protects against the formation of molds also areas with high humidity, e. g. bathrooms, swimming pools, cellars.

Water vapour permeability of Nano Coat Home is declared in the following product certificates: Inspection report (1201/389/16) iBMB MPA with the following results: Water vapor transmission rate of Nano Coat Home = 153,5 g/m2/day. Thus, the tested material Nano Coat Home is according to standard EN 15824, classified in category V1- high permeability.

Equivalent air layer thickness of Nano Coat Home: sd = 0,144 m ,Water vapour diffusion resistance of Nano Coat Home: μ = 47,76

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Healthy interior microclimate

Nano Coat Home is environment-friendly material with very low content of harmful substances or chemicals known as Volatile organic compounds (VOC). Our product has reached the highest rating A + from reputable french certification company CSTB. This helps to create a truly healthy microclimate, suitable also for use in school and health facilities and in the homes of allergic and asthmatic people.

Volatile organic compounds emissions are declared in the following product certificates: CSTB – Fiche de déclaration environnementale et sanitaire Nano Enduit – FDES  with following result: VOC emissions rating A+

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When and where it is used

Versatile use on ceilings, floors, walls, residential areas and cellars, rooms with increased humidity, historic buildings, offices, ambulance and others. Due to the vapor permeability it is suitable for use in humid areas. In addition to being vapor permeable, its special surface prevents the spread of fungi and microorganisms. It is also suitable for interiors for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, ambulances and public areas.

Solution against mould

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Creating a healthy climate

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Regulation of moisture and condensation

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Minimizing of thermal bridges

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Energy saving

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Our products


Deep waterproof penetration coating, suitable for most mineral surfaces. It penetrates deep into the foundations and strengthens them.


Special adhesive base with high solids content, for better adhesion of leveling plaster, designed for non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, marble, metal.


Leveling compound for a perfectly smooth surface, suitable for repairing cracks and holes in ceilings, walls and floors.


Unique patented active layer, which belongs to the category of extra light vapor permeable plasters with exceptional thermal insulation properties.

About Helske Energy Save

We are a dynamically developing company operating in several branches of industry and construction. Our main activity is the production of unique building materials using nanotechnology. Through constant research, we change approaches and become pioneers in our area.

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