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Slide Thermal skimming
plaster solution
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NANO COAT HOME ® up to 25%* in energy saving Improve thermal comfort
and save on heating bills
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NANO COAT HOME ® Thermal skimming
plaster solution

Slide Thermal skimming plaster solutions Find out more


Helske Energy Save manufactures and distributes sustainable building materials with a primary focus on Energy Saving and building methods that enhance a healthy living environment.  Our manufacturing and production process is environmentally driven with the lowest impact on the environment and carbon footprint.  Through continuous innovation and research, we produce unique building materials using nanotechnology for a new generation of building materials, we strive to be pioneers for the environment and enhance people’s quality of living and wellbeing. We are part of the Helske Group which operates internationally in the construction, healthcare and industrial sectors with 170 staff across 6 countries in Europe.

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