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People, design and technology, and nature. Three value pillars of HELSKE. In the Helske Energy Save Division, we have focused on developing unique technologies for a new generation of cutting-edge construction materials that save energy and introduce a completely new quality of living. Research is our driving force. The Helske Energy Save products are based on the current scientific knowledge and have unique features. They save funds even during construction, reduce reconstruction costs, create a healthful indoor climate and moreover, they save energy. Preservation of nature and complete harmlessness of our products to the environment are a commitment for us.

Our approach

All of us should feel responsibility to future generations. In the epoch when we are confronted with environmental pollution and climate extremes, each manufacturer should behave in a responsible way. Research into and development of our products are based on three main aspects: nature – technology – man. Our responsibility is the driving force for our operation, because we want to produce for future generations and be pioneers in a responsible and harmonious approach to the environment and quality of life in the communities.


We all want to live a higher-quality life. Therefore, we produce in a responsible way, making conscientious use of our resources and by saving energy. We do not produce any hazardous waste during manufacture. We are accountable to future generations, so we also put great emphasis on educational activities.

Health and innovation

Science in the service of nature has proven that our natural construction materials provide a healthful indoor atmpsphere that eliminates proliferation of microorganisms and occurrance of moulds. With several of our products, we have been able to eliminate quite a number of the major problems people face in construction or renovation. We put our greatest emphasis on research and development. Therefore, today we may boast about the unique features of products that are unparalleled in the market.

Science and nature in harmony

Helske Energy Save® developed a system of natural building materials with the primary goals of saving energy and protecting the environment. After all, these are the foundations for a sustainable future for generations to come.

Thermal insulation effect NANO COAT HOME®

Contact us

Helske Energy Save Limited
No 7, Arrow Building
Old Belgard Rd,

Dublin 24. (D24 ND70).
Ph: +(01) 223 4010

Helske Energy Save s. r. o. 
Kukuričná 1
831 03 Bratislava

Customer and technical support
Mon- Fri 9:00 – 17:00

Ph: +(01) 223 4010


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Our products


(Nano PT)

Suction control penetrating Primer for sealing all types of absorbent surfaces, such as block-work, concrete, plasterboard, gypsum plaster and chipboard.  Colourless, solvent-free and odourless, suitable for use with undercoat plaster.


(Nano AM)

Bonding coat to pre-treat smooth and low suction surfaces.  Formulated with aggregate particles that provide a mechanical key for EXTRA GRIP for surfaces such as plaster, tiles, adhesives, mortars and other coatings.  Solvent free, water resistant with high opacity.


(Nano TC)

Joint Finisher is a vinyl based ready mixed Filling & Finishing Compound used by professionals for Filling and Finishing plasterboard joints.  Quick drying and easy to sand makes it ideal for repairing cracks and holes in ceilings, walls and floors.



Indoor thermal skimming plaster solution employing new nanotechnologies.  Energy efficient, up to 35% saving on heating costs and creates a healthy living environment.