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Environmental protection and energy saving first

Helske Energy Save is based on environmental protection and energy savings already during its production, which involves zero waste and zero impact on the environment. By saving energy in households, we contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In production, we bear in mind environmental protection and sustainability. We construct buildings with green roofs, with the lowest possible energy intensity, with harvesting and reusing rainwater, and with minimizing waste. We do not pollute the environment with any chemicals. We want to be not only pioneers in research, but we want to set an example in several environmental aspects of the production as well.

NANO COAT HOME does not contain any organic volatile substances and is suitable even for interiors where allergics or asthmatics stay. Our research and development focuses on products that are completely environment-friendly and harmless to health. Thanks to the exceptional thermal insulating parameters of our products, we help save energy and spare the environment. Our customers harmonious attitude to the environment and to the quality of life is our driving force.

In 2017, the NANO COAT SYSTEM was nominated as an innovation at the BATIMAT exhibition in France. This year, the company is planning to launch the production of unique intelligent interior boards and a new type of coating with revolutionary properties in eastern Slovakia.