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Frequently asked questions

Helske is an international holding company active in several European countries in several fields through its HELSKE ENERGY SAVE, HELSKE PEOPLE CARE, HELSKE CONSTRUCTIONS and ULTIMUV divisions. In all its activities, it focuses primarily on high added value for the people, on supporting innovations and on environmental liability. Read more about Helske Group at

HELSKE ENERGY SAVE collaborates with scientific institutes at universities and has its own development centre which develops and tests its products. We use state-of-the-art materials which provide unique properties to our products. In NANO COAT HOME, for example, the active ingredients are glass nanospheres filled with vacuum and dispersion with additives that improve its water-permeability, thermal insulation and fire-retardant properties. Each of our products complies with strict standards and is certified.

Currently, our products are available from a network of our business partners. Contact us

HELSKE ENERGY SAVE is a division of the HELSKE corporation which deals with the development and production of top-notch building materials. The highest value of the division is to produce products that are absolutely harmless to the environment and to health, with unique technological properties based on state-of-the-art technological knowledge, and to be pioneers in innovations. Read more about Helske Energy Save.

The right procedure depends on the base. The procedures stated in the technical sheets freely downloadable from our website for each product have to be followed. You can also watch our webinars.

You can use absolutely any type of paint on NANO COAT HOME but do make sure that the paint is vapour-permeable since NANO COAT HOME is a vapour-permeable layer.

Yes, NANO COAT HOME is compatible even with all the low-energy types of heating, e.g. underfloor or infrared heating.

NANO COAT HOME has excellent adhesion. Its right application consists of the right sequence of the following steps: making the surface uniform, treating the surface, applying NANO COAT HOME. We recommend making diverse surfaces uniform, e.g. absorbent masonry, glass, brick etc… with the NANO AM adhesion bonding primer. Its advantages include its high opacity and white colour, so a mere 1.5mm layer of NANO COAT HOME is enough, and the wall is ready.

Removing a layer of NANO COAT HOME is very easy. This layer is soft and flexible, so it can be easily removed with a spatula.

In 2019, we have presented our products to specialists and to the general public in several international building exhibitions and trade fairs. You can email us and We’ll redirect your request to a dealer for testing.

To achieve the best results, we recommend using the products of the same range as a system. E.g. the high-quality penetration prime coat by HELSKE ENERGY SAVE has 7.08% dry matter, is environment-friendly and its price is comparable to the other penetration prime coats available in the market. It will be a wonderful help for various building works as a separate product. The same applies for the NANO AM adhesion bonding primer which has high dry matter content (64%) at a comparative price compared to competitive products, its colour is white and it has high opacity which enables the application of thinner layers of the coat, and the base won’t show through. The NANO TC is a universal levelling coat that can be used separately for a wide range of renovation work, minor building repairs and for making uneven wall surfaces even. Read more about our products or go through our help section.

Our products are developed, tested and produced in new production halls in the Levoča Industrial Park situated in the heart of Europe. Read more about Helske Energy Save

Although we recommend using the NANO COAT HOME primarily as the final layer of the inner coat of walls and ceilings, it can be used on floors as well. When applying it to the floor, we recommend taking into account the right type of floor covering, depending on the use of the room. It should be a covering which enables an even distribution of load, e.g. linoleum.

If you want to achieve thermal comfort in the whole room, it is ideal to apply NANO COAT HOME on the surface of all the walls. However, it can be applied locally, too, e.g. to eliminate thermal bridges, or only in places which radiate cold.

The thermal insulation effect is the same in both cases because the main effect of the NANO COAT HOME lies in slowing down the transfer of heat into the walls and the structure. After its application, thermal comfort is achieved instantly. The air does not cool down from the cold masonry and does not heat up from the heat radiating from non-insulated masonry. Besides, this product is vapour-permeable and free of harmful chemicals, so it creates a truly healthy home and an optimal microclimate.

We do not recommend mixing colour pigments into NANO COAT HOME because the desired shade might not be achieved when smoothing the dried layer.

We have prepared instructive videos on our YouTube channel, where we show how each product is applied step by step.

We care not only about the quality of our products and their composition but also about the quality of their application. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the professional training of service providers to fulfil the expectations of our customers. However, the products of the NANO COAT SYSTEM in their retail packaging are ready for immediate use to make their application easier even for skilful DIYers.

Through its products, the NANO COAT SYSTEM efficiently fights the SICK BUILDING SYNDROME (SBS). It creates an optimal microclimate in the rooms and is a suitable solution for several building problems. It prevents the appearance of moulds and the growth of microorganisms and, after its use, the air in the room heats up faster or cools down faster, and the set temperature is maintained longer. This way, it saves energy. The products are vapour-permeable and have a very low content of volatile compounds.