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Published on: Helpske

„I have had a photovoltaic system on my roof for a few years now and use it to generate electricity from the sun.“       Olaf Thamling

Our contribution to sustainability is in any action we take on a daily basis.

Olaf Thamling

Olaf has had a photovoltaic system on the roof of his house for some time now and tries to use alternative energy sources. In addition, he makes sure to buy energy-efficient electrical appliances like his new washing machine. Together with friends he regularly collects paper which is later processed.

My small steps to help the environment:

  • I installed a photovoltaic system a few years ago.
  • With new electrical appliances I pay attention to the energy efficiency
  • Once a month we meet to recycle paper waste.

Olaf Thamling – Sales Manager, Helske Energy Save Germany

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