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Nano Coat System – The Building System of the Future

Small layer with big impact, a unique patented active coat, NANO COAT HOME by Helske Energy Save, part of the NANO COAT SYSTEM complete coating system consisting of products for the treatment and reinforcement of bases, for the levelling and treatment of walls, and for a final active layer which, thanks to its high brightness, does not need any further treatment.  Its main advantages and differences from other, usual types of coatings lie in its special production technology and patented composition enriched with glass microspheres partly filled with vacuum.

It is an environment-friendly, highly vapour-permeable, extremely light plaster, which immediately improves the interior thermal comfort and creates a healthy living environment indoors. It eliminates thermal bridges which appear e.g. when windows are replaced during renovation works. After the application of the system, the interior will heat up faster in winter and cool down faster in summer, and the desired temperature will be maintained. Homeowners can experience immediate savings on energy costs, which can reach up to 35% depending on the type of  structure and the heating system. It is suitable for the renovation of older buildings and is the perfect solutions as a preventive measure against moulds

The NANO COAT SYSTEM is fully certified. It was tested by German testing institutes and conforms with the strictest European standards. Currently, we produce mainly for western markets. We are definitely interested in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary too, says account manager Csaba Holocsi. The company presented its products at the NORDBAU Neumunster, FAF exhibition in Cologne, at IBF in Brno, Czech Republic, and at Mosbuild in Moscow. In 2019, it will participate in CONECO in Bratislava and in exhibitions in Prague, Moscow, Madrid and Dubai.