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BOND-GRIT (Nano AM) is a primer and consolidation primer designed to unify different types of non-absorbent and absorbent surfaces.

Advantages: Direct application, high coverage ability, strengthens non-cohesive substrate, high solids content, low volatile organic matter content.

Composition: Solvent-free acrylic dispersion- based primer with high content of siliceous fillers.

Product certification NF EN 15804 + A1, STN EN ISO 11890-2


When and where is BOND-GRIT (Nano AM) used

BOND-GRIT (Nano AM) is used to improve the adhesion of all types of plasters and for all types of surfaces. For materials with different water absorption, it unifies and roughens their surface and prepares it for application of further layers. BOND-GRIT is suitable for providing excellent adhesion of adhesives and mortars to non-absorbent ceramic surfaces. Product is designed for use on walls, ceilings and floors.

Application video

The substrate must be solid, clean, dry and free of dust or oil. Before application, we recommend to smooth the surface with a suitable sandpaper. Mix well before use. Apply the undiluted mixture to the intended surface with a brush or a roller. Dump surface will negatively affect the adhesive levels of the product. NANO AM is not suitable for silicone or silica plasters and paints.

BOND-GRIT can be applied with a roller or brush and we recommend using standard protective equipment to protect clothing and hands.

BOND-GRIT  has a high dry matter content (up to 64%) and a high overlay ability compared to other adhesion bridges. It is snow white, making it ideal for indoor use under white layers. It is a hydrophobic coating, ready for immediate application without the need for diluting and dries in just one hour. BOND-GRIT is organic product free of solvents and other chemicals. It is ideal for all types of absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, eg. glass, marble, plastic, metal, but also old cladding, plasterboard, wood, OSB, umacart, concrete and others.

BOND-GRIT is a solvent-free, low-odour product that is not affecting environment in negative way.

Energy saving

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Minimizing of thermal bridges

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Solution against mould

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Regulation of moisture and condensation

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Creating a healthy living environment

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Our products


(Nano PT)

Suction control penetrating Primer for sealing all types of absorbent surfaces, such as block-work, concrete, plasterboard, gypsum plaster and chipboard.  Colourless, solvent-free and odourless, suitable for use with undercoat plaster.


(Nano AM)

Bonding coat to pre-treat smooth and low suction surfaces.  Formulated with aggregate particles that provide a mechanical key for EXTRA GRIP for surfaces such as plaster, tiles, adhesives, mortars and other coatings.  Solvent free, water resistant with high opacity.


(Nano TC)

Joint Finisher is a vinyl based ready mixed Filling & Finishing Compound used by professionals for Filling and Finishing plasterboard joints.  Quick drying and easy to sand makes it ideal for repairing cracks and holes in ceilings, walls and floors.



Indoor thermal skimming plaster solution employing new nanotechnologies.  Energy efficient, up to 35% saving on heating costs and creates a healthy living environment.

About Helske Energy Save

Helske Energy Save manufactures and distributes sustainable building materials with a primary focus on Energy Saving and building methods that enhance a healthy living environment.  Our manufacturing and production process is environmentally driven with the lowest impact on the environment and carbon footprint.  Through continuous innovation and research, we produce unique building materials using nanotechnology for a new generation of building materials, we strive to be pioneers for the environment and enhance people’s quality of living and wellbeing.

We are part of the Helske Group which operates internationally in the construction, healthcare and industrial sectors with 170 staff across 6 countries in Europe.

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