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White vapor permeable, thermally insulating final plaster layer, intended for interior use. It actively reduces the time required for heating and cooling rooms, reducing thermal bridges and climate.

Advantages: Healthy home, thermal comfort High vapour permeability, prevention of mildew, low water vapour condensation, energy savings Allergy-friendly.

Composition: The final acrylic dispersion layer with a high content of vacuum glass spheres.

Product certification: EN 15824, NF EN 15804 + A1, EN 12667, EN ISO 7783, EN 1542, DIN EN 13501-1, STV EN ISO 11890-2


When and where is NANO COAT HOME® used

NANO COAT HOME® provides versatile usage on ceilings, floors, walls, living spaces and cellars, high humidity rooms, historic buildings, offices, ambulances and more. Due to the vapor permeability it´s suitable for use in humid areas. In addition to being vapor permeable, its special surface prevents the spread of fungi and microorganisms. It is also suitable for interiors for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, ambulances and public areas.

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The surface must be free of dirt, grease and dust. Apply NANO PT and allow it to dry. Mix NANO COAT HOME® by hand or using a blender at low speed (below 500 rpm). If necessary, small amounts of water may be added to dilute the mixture.

Nano Coat Home is a patented, active multifunctional layer, suitable for all types of buildings. It does not contain any volatile organic compounds and creates a truly healthy and pleasant microclimate in the rooms. Helps reduce heat loss, eliminates thermal bridges and saves heating and energy costs.

Although the NANO COAT HOME is a snow white layer and after finishing it is no longer necessary to modify it or paint it, it is possible to use any type of surface finish according to the customer’s preference. When using interior paints, we recommend the use of vapor permeable coatings and of course wallpaper aplication is also possible.

NANO COAT HOME must be applied on dry, degreased and dust-free surfaces. It is recommended to treat the substrate appropriately before applying the layer. Damp masonry is recommended to be drained, treated with a remedial coating and only afterwards to apply the base layers. If the substrate is not coherent, we recommend using NANO AM first.

Return on investment is individual and depends on the type of construction design and the type of heating or air conditioning. Is also depending on how many rooms it is used for. In principle, NANO COAT HOME can save up to 35% of energy, making it a very economical product. Application, drying and finishing takes much shorter than other types of plasters. The application layer is only 1.5 – 2 mm. In addition to saving money and energy, it also saves the time required for construction or reconstruction work.

Yes, all types of wallpaper adhesives can be used on Nano Coat Home.

No. NANO COAT HOME is not "only" insulation. It is a patented multifunctional layer that has several key features at the same time and helps create a truly healthy microclimate in the room. Its application significantly slows down the heat transfer to the structure. The air cools much slower and can heat up much faster and maintain the set temperature in the room therefore less energy is spent. The same effect

After application, Nano Coat Home will increase the surface temperature above the dew point, reducing water vapor condensation and preventing mold formation. Its composition also prevents the growth and spread of microorganisms. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for creating a healthy home.

NANO COAT HOME can be used on any substrate, but it is recommended to first apply primer NANO PT or adhesion bridge NANO AM, depending on the type of substrate.

NANO COAT HOME is a multifunctional top layer for interior use. Due to its vapor permeability, it can be used not only in all common living areas, but also in rooms with a higher degree of humidity, for example in bathrooms or basements. However, we do not recommend direct contact with water because it is water- soluble.

NANO COAT HOME is an absolutely safe material, suitable for various types of
interiors. It has an extremely low VOC content(volatile organic compound) and
meets the highest standards. Thanks to a special surface that prevents the spread
of fungi and microorganisms, it is particularly suitable for use in ambulances,
schools, kindergartens or various public areas.

Energy saving

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Minimizing of thermal bridges

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Solution against mould

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Regulation of moisture and condensation

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Creating a healthy living environment

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(Nano PT)

Suction control penetrating Primer for sealing all types of absorbent surfaces, such as block-work, concrete, plasterboard, gypsum plaster and chipboard.  Colourless, solvent-free and odourless, suitable for use with undercoat plaster.


(Nano AM)

Bonding coat to pre-treat smooth and low suction surfaces.  Formulated with aggregate particles that provide a mechanical key for EXTRA GRIP for surfaces such as plaster, tiles, adhesives, mortars and other coatings.  Solvent free, water resistant with high opacity.


(Nano TC)

Joint Finisher is a vinyl based ready mixed Filling & Finishing Compound used by professionals for Filling and Finishing plasterboard joints.  Quick drying and easy to sand makes it ideal for repairing cracks and holes in ceilings, walls and floors.



Indoor thermal skimming plaster solution employing new nanotechnologies.  Energy efficient, up to 35% saving on heating costs and creates a healthy living environment.

About Helske Energy Save

Helske Energy Save manufactures and distributes sustainable building materials with a primary focus on Energy Saving and building methods that enhance a healthy living environment.  Our manufacturing and production process is environmentally driven with the lowest impact on the environment and carbon footprint.  Through continuous innovation and research, we produce unique building materials using nanotechnology for a new generation of building materials, we strive to be pioneers for the environment and enhance people’s quality of living and wellbeing. We are part of the Helske Group which operates internationally in the construction, healthcare and industrial sectors with 170 staff across 6 countries in Europe.

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