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Thermal Bridges

Solve Thermal Bridges with Nano Coat Home System

Minimizing of thermal bridges

Thermal bridging problems occur when there is a break in the building envelope and this becomes a pathway for heat and energy to escape thus reducing the overall energy efficiency of the building. Mainly found around windows reveals/frames and doors but also at connection points, corners or junctions in walls, floors or roofs spaces. A preventive solution is the use of NANO COAT HOME®, applied at critical points, e.g. window reveals, where thermal bridges are most often formed. Application of the Nano Coat Home System is extremely flexible and can be used in difficult to reach or limited space areas, this allows for minimal structural changes to existing windows frames/revels, unlike traditional methods such as using insulation boards.

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Water condensation

Thermal bridges also cause condensation issues, where the wall temperature drops below the dew point and the water vapour contained in the indoor air condenses on it’s cold surface. Condensation within walls can lead to structural issues and in particular mould growth causing an unhealthy living environment.

How it works

NANO COAT HOME® has a high water vapor permeability, reducing the possibility of mould formation on wall and ceiling surfaces. The accumulated water vapor in the interior passes more easily out into the exterior, does not condense on the walls and thus prevents the formation of mould. The vapor permeability of the plaster ensures natural breathing of the walls.

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Areas of use

for window reveals, ceilings, north walls, non-insulated structures

to regulate room temperatures when cooling and heating

for bathrooms, attic rooms and basements

Main advantages & How to use

Eliminates thermal bridges, prevents water condensation and mould formation

NANO COAT SYSTEM® creates a healthy microclimate, especially due to its thermal insulation properties. The coefficient of thermal conductivity, as one of the important data, is 0.0396 W / mK, which is the equivalent to glasswool insulation or cellulose insulation. Thanks to nano particles with a vacuum content, it effectively prevents heat leakage and is thus an ideal solution for cold rooms or, conversely, overheated apartments without external insulation. By installing the just a 2 mm layer of NANO Coat Home thermal plaster system significantly increases the thermal comfort in the room with up to 35% saving on Energy Costs.

Increases temperature above dew point

Frequent occurrence of overheating and/or overcooling during summers and winters lead to increased thermal discomfort and energy consumption in all types of buildings. Climate change is also expected to increase the risk of overheating and thermal discomfort in buildings. By installing the NANO Coat Home Insulation system, you will improve the thermal comfort and energy consumption of the building, with minor and manageable changes to minimise disruptions to occupants .

Thanks to its vapour permeability and special composition, it prevents mould formation

NANO COAT HOME® contains vacuum-coated glass nanoscale, these slow down the heat transfer through the structure, it creates a heat shield and removes radiant cold or heat from the walls. This makes sure the air in the room is heated or cooled faster and the required room temperature is maintained for a longer period of time.


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Apply Primer & Sealer / Bond Grit to the base substrate

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Apply Joint Finisher & repair surface imperfections

joint finisher
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Apply NANO COAT HOME - install 3 mm of Thermal Insulation Plaster

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Other solutions

Nano Coat Home can also provide solutions for all of these issues:


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