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What is NANO PT

NANO PT is a penetration primer for stabilization and consolidation of mineral substrates.

Advantages: No dilution High solids content, high yield Low volatile organic matter content, very quick penetration into the substrate structure.

Composition: Solvent-free deep primer based on acrylic dispersion with high solids content (7.08%).

Product certification NF EN 15804 + A1 STN, EN ISO 11890 – 2


When and where is NANO PT used

NANO PT is used to reinforce all absorbent substrates. It reduces their absorbency, strengthens them and makes easier the subsequent application of building layers: screeds, adhesives, sealants, plasters and paints. Due to its high solids content it ensures excellent adhesion of other layers. Our NANO PT is used for penetration of absorbent substrates before application of ceramic tiles, screeds, leveling screeds, paints, plasters or thermal insulations.

Application video

The substrate must be solid, clean, dry and free of dust or oil. Before application, we recommend to smooth the surface with a suitable sandpaper. Mix well before use. Apply the undiluted mixture to the intended surface with a brush, roller or spray. Dump surface will negatively affect the adhesive levels of the product.

NANO PT can be applied by brush or roller, and we recommend using standard protective equipment to protect clothing and hands.

This depends on the structure of the substrate. NANO PT penetrates deep into the substrate and strengthens it. It is designed for all types of absorbent mineral surfaces.

With our penetration coating you can be sure that you are holding one of the best
products on the market. It is ecological, almost odorless, has a high yield rate, high content of dry matter – up to 7.08%, it is not a concentrate, so it doesn’t need to be diluted, it doesn’t contain solvents and has an extremely short drying time. Its price is at the level of other competing products.

Solution against mould

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Creating a healthy climate

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Regulation of moisture and condensation

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Our products


Deep waterproof penetration coating, suitable for most mineral surfaces. It penetrates deep into the foundations and strengthens them.


Special adhesive base with high solids content, for better adhesion of leveling plaster, designed for non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, marble, metal.


Leveling compound for a perfectly smooth surface, suitable for repairing cracks and holes in ceilings, walls and floors.


Unique patented active layer, which belongs to the category of extra light vapor permeable plasters with exceptional thermal insulation properties.

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