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Solution against mould

Solve the mold problem by applying NANO COAT HOME®! After application, the wall surface temperature rises above the dew point, thereby reducing water vapor condensation and preventing mold formation.

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Creating a healthy climate

Create a truly healthy microclimate in the room with an environmentally friendly and vapor-permeable plaster that does not contain any chemicals, prevents bacteria reproduction and creates a truly healthy home without mold or allergies.

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Regulation of moisture and condensation

The high vapor permeability of the NANO COAT HOME® plaster protects against mold formation, it is suitable not only for use in all common living areas, but also in rooms with higher levels of humidity, for example in bathrooms or basements.

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Minimizing of thermal bridges

The condensate is formed when the wall temperature drops below the dew point and the water vapor contained in the indoor air condenses on its cold surface. A preventive solution is the use of NANO COAT HOME® plaster at critical points, e.g. window reveals, where thermal bridges are most often formed.

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Energy saving

NANO COAT HOME® means instant energy savings for households. This also reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Thermal insulation effect NANO COAT HOME®

Our products


Deep waterproof penetration coating, suitable for most mineral surfaces. It penetrates deep into the foundations and strengthens them.


Special adhesive base with high solids content, for better adhesion of leveling plaster, designed for non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, marble, metal.


Leveling compound for a perfectly smooth surface, suitable for repairing cracks and holes in ceilings, walls and floors.


Unique patented active layer, which belongs to the category of extra light vapor permeable plasters with exceptional thermal insulation properties.

About Helske Energy Save

We are a dynamically developing company operating in several branches of industry and construction. Our main activity is the production of unique building materials using nanotechnology. Through constant research, we change approaches and become pioneers in our area.

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