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Save up to 35% energy

After applying the NANO COAT SYSTEM®, the interior heats up, or in the summer months it cools down quicker, and the selected temperature is maintained longer. The property owner will thus experience immediate energy savings of up to 35%, depending on the type of construction and heating.

How it works

NANO COAT HOME® has a high water vapor permeability, reducing the possibility of mold formation on wall and ceiling surfaces. The accumulated water vapor in the interior passes more easily out into the exterior, does not condense on the walls and thus prevents the formation of mold. The vapor permeability of the plaster ensures natural breathing of the walls.

Possibilities of use

for window reveals, ceilings, north walls, non-insulated structures

for cellars, attic rooms, bathrooms

for cool or overheated rooms

Saves heating and energy costs

Increases thermal comfort in buildings

Ensures faster heating up of rooms in winter and cooling down in summer months


Step 1

More about NANO PT / NANO AM

Step 2

More about NANO TC

Step 3


Creating a healthy climate

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Regulation of moisture and condensation

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Minimizing of thermal bridges

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Solution against mould

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About Helske Energy Save

We are a dynamically developing company operating in several branches of industry and construction. Our main activity is the production of unique building materials using nanotechnology. Through constant research, we change approaches and become pioneers in our area.

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