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Thermal bridges

Thermal bridges are places in the construction of the house, where more heat escapes than in other parts, which causes significant heat losses and consequently can form mold in these places. You can keep the heat and prevent it from escaping with the NANO COAT HOME® plaster system. It is a special plaster mixture that is developed by modern nanotechnology and helps to maintain a stable room temperature.

Luisa Zelenková talks about NANO COAT HOME®

„In the old panel house we had a problem with thermal bridges, which led to the formation of mold in the corners of the room. After applying Nano Coat Home, the problem was solved and we achieved thermal comfort and significant energy savings.”

How the NANO COAT SYSTEM® works

With Nano Coat certified products, you will achieve a truly healthy home. The system includes products for basic substrate preparation, surface irregularities treatment and wall finishes. Thanks to their unique properties you will save energy costs, achieve faster thermal comfort in rooms, reduce thermal bridges and prevent the formation of moisture and mold.

Possibilities of use

for window reveals, ceilings, north walls, non-insulated structures

for cellars, attic rooms, bathrooms

for cool or overheated rooms

Eliminates thermal bridges, prevents water condensation and mold formation

Increases temperature above dew point

Thanks to its vapor permeability and special composition, it prevents mold formation

It prevents the growth and spread of microorganisms


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About Helske Energy Save

We are a dynamically developing company operating in several branches of industry and construction. Our main activity is the production of unique building materials using nanotechnology. Through constant research, we change approaches and become pioneers in our area.

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