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We achieved a prestigious award NAN 2019

A total of 150 architecture and construction experts gathered at the 13th annual NAN Awards. Under the auspices of BigMat 11 best building materials in different categories have been announced.

The ceremony, which took place on 12 November in Esferico, served as a meeting place for finalists, jurors, sponsors and various industry representatives. Up to 234 projects in the field of construction and architecture entered the thirteenth annual award ceremony.

This year Helske Energy Save also participated in the award ceremony with its Nano Coat Home product, which won first place in the category of „alternative, technical and construction solutions

José Manuel Galdón Brugarolas, CEO of TPI, repeated Lluís Comeron words during his speech: “Without the necessary transformation of our cities, we will not achieve most of the goals of sustainable development. To meet them, we must build on the values of architecture: the quality of the built-up environment as a guarantee of general interest.

At Helske Energy Save, we are aware of the importance of sustainable development and quality healthy living, so we focused on developing unique technologies that we use to produce cutting-edge building materials that save energy and bring a completely new quality of living.